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Looking to promote your business, event or charity on your clothing ? We can help!

Whether you are a sports club, charity, school, business or simply wanting a personalised birthday present, we have a number of options which can help you.

We can embroider a whole range of garments ranging from baseball caps, t-shirts, jackets, polo shirts through to pillow cases and bed linen.

With our modern technology and systems, and focus on customer service and quality, we can also convert your logo or image from a drawing, headed paper or business card into an embroidery to represent your brand. We can even work from a photograph! Just simply e-mail your logo to us and we will do the rest!

With over 4,000 products which can be branded with your name, we can help you stand out from the crowd and, together with embroidery thread which can be matched in pantone colours and over 50,000 fonts available to print, we can certainly help you with your vision for your branded clothing.

We can also help with promotional items which will help get your name out there and help promote your business, event or charity. We can also help promote you on our social media marketing.

We can embroider your logo up to 22 cm wide for the back of a garment or table cloth!

Why not get embroidered today and start promoting your business, event or charity on your clothing!


Embroidery / Print / Promotional

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"We like to have you in stitches!"

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